Yukiguni, “snow country”

Genuine ramen noodles, a cook from Hokkaido, draft Kirin beer, waitresses speaking in Japanese… Japan is only a few tram stops away!

Equipe du Yukiguni

Yukiguni ramen, opened in March 2014, is the first ramen bar in Geneva. We serve the authentique japanese noodle soup in a warm atmosphere to eat in and to go.


Yukiguni , satisfait(e), à Yukiguni.

It's ramen time again!!!
Come joins us for a taste of Geneva's best authentic ramen. Also available 7/7 on Eatzer and UberEats.
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💕Happy New Year 2019!!!💕
We wish you a fantastic year full of happiness, love, success and ramen! 💕🍜💕
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2 semaines plus tôt  ·  

Encore ce soir et demain midi pour un dernier ramen avant 2019... sur place, Ubereats ou eatzer.
Fermeture du 23 décembre à 15h jusqu'au 10 janvier à 11h30.
Closed from Decembre 23 at 3pm till january 10 ar 11h30.

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